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@ UBS Media Week In Tweets: Bartz: ‘God Bless Tiger”

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»  Bartz: Tiger better than Michael Jackson. Can’t place ads next to funeral.

»  Yahoo’s Bartz: God bless Tiger. This week we got a huge uplift. News, sports, gossip. Just filtered through the whole place.

»  Yahoo’s Bartz would like to get hyperlocal … Everybody likes to read arrest reports, divorces, etc. Lying if you say you don’t.

»  At UBS, Moonves mentioned getting extra retrans cents for TV Everywhere but tells me no such deals now.

»  NYT’s Janet Robinson tells me New England Sports stake is still for sale & moving along despite decision to keep NE papers.

»  Moonves: “Moonves: Very good to hear the Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) guys support retrans now. “Imagine Brian Roberts will be paying himself for NBC”

»  Moonves says emphatically that online views of TV shows soon will be counted.

»  Moonves: “The highest rated shows on Friday night are Thursday night shows on DVR. Our job is to get them counted.”

»  CBS (NYSE: CBS) is still committed to upfront. Says will see more volume this June from buyers who got caught by increases on scatter this year.

»  CBS CEO Moonves on Comcast-NBCU: “First major deal since AOL-TW, I’m sure Brian (Roberts) expects it will come out a little better.”

»  Despite slight slowdown, competition, Verizon CFO says can still add 1M FiOS subs a year and still looking at 17, 18M total

»  TWC’s Britt: interactive adv. in long term might be meaningful. Canoe taking a long time but tech is complicated. Wait til next year.

»  New NYTCo (NYSE: NYT) forecast ahead of ubs presentation: expects company Q4 online ad revs to increase 10%; print down 25%. $

»  Britt: All you want is your stuff, our role is to do the plumbing, make it easy. If we can do that, we’ve got a winning prop.

»  TWC CEO Glenn Britt: Consumers want the 4 Anys: Anything on any device any time any place. TV Everywhere is just one piece of that.

»  Glam’s Arora: takes 18 months to build a vertical. Then we’re either dominant (1 or 2) or we’re out. left health-pharma for ex.

»  Glam’s Arora: 50% plus of traffic international, only 20% of rev. ; 2010 expansion: France, Q1, 3-4 other countries; two more in ’11

»  Glam’s Samir Arora: This has been an incredibly tough year for many, including us. Believe we have proved the model.

»  Glam’s Samir Arora speaking to about a dozen people at UBS. Sign of the times or just the time and competing ad panel?