NDTV Networks: Our Coverage In Links

Here is a compilation of links that comprised our coverage of the restructuring of NDTV Networks that played out over several months. The cash burn by the general entertainment channel was becoming too much to bear for the parent company and NBCU shut the tap on funding (and also had to deal with its own merger). NDTV Networks bought out NBCU, then inked a Lifestyle deal with Scripps from which it got cash and an excellent valuation for what is essentially a one-channel business, paid back bond holders under favourable terms and now sold the entertainment channel to Turner. It was a well-strategized and savvily-executed restructuring. Prannoy Roy and Co. seem to have pulled off what seemed impossible not so long ago.

NDTV, E.W. Scripps In Talks For Strategic Partnership In Lifestyle Business
NBC Universal Is Exiting NDTV Networks; Who Will Come In?
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