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Updated: MySpace Music Acquires Broke Imeem; Moving Users To MySpace Today

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MySpace says it has acquired “certain assets” of cash-poor social music service imeem and it’s moving fast to capitalize on the biggest one: users. Sometime today, imeem’s 16 million-plus users will be redirected to MySpace Music. MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta promises via blog post to move fast to offer their imeem playlists on MySpace Music.

But — and that’s a serious capital “B” — it looks like they’re starting the transition without users’ playlists, which would annoy the heck out of me if that’s how I managed my music listening. Van Vatta promises: “As quickly as possible, we

19 Responses to “Updated: MySpace Music Acquires Broke Imeem; Moving Users To MySpace Today”

  1. AntonioIV

    Ugh, i hate this so much!!! i found so much good music on imeem that i never even knew about and now i cant even remember the name of some of them!!! myspace didnt even bother to take the proper time needed to transfer everything so i dont even have my playlists, thanks alot -.-

    P.S: srry i found this article so late, lol

  2. Shabre

    I hate myspace music, i hate havin to start from scratch tryin to find about 500 songs from mi Imeem playlists on a new site i found. But i miss imeem because it had so many artist that Myspace doesnt evn know about. You can try out

  3. I trusted imeem too much. All my folk songs are gone now.
    so I logged into Myspace but my uploaded folk songs aren’t there even after transferring playlist.
    Myspace sucks. I’m going to close it now.

  4. I feel everyones pain, I too had countless amounts of music stored on Imeem just to have them ripped away like a thief in the night. I`m a very big music fan and Imeem gave me all the music I wanted, now Myspace did transfer my playlist, but there were too many songs missing from each playlist. Now if you transfered our playlist you should have made sure all of the songs we spent hours putting on Imeem were still on our playlist. I`m upset and disgusted, and I think Myspace as a company should handle that.

  5. I pretty much a agree with everyone. I HATE MYSPACE! I spent hours on Imeem everyday! I was going to be ok when I saw that my playlist were going to be restored, but when I finally got them imported, there were only 2 songs on each playlist that I created. I’m so dissapointed. Now i’m trying out Its not as great, but a sure of a heck lot better than myspace…

  6. Imeem has officially transferred playlists to Myspace and I could never be anymore ticked off! Some of my playlists’ are missing songs that I spent hours trying to find. However, that’s not all, I am weary of the unexpected and prolonged pauses between songs. I knew this change wasn’t going to work out for anyone’s benefit besides Myspace.

  7. Wow, what a horrible end to a great website. MySpace is a complete failure at organizing anything in a logical manner. Like said, MySpace is blocked at nearly every workplace and that’s the time when many of us used Imeem most.

  8. 1lpromotionz

    THIS IS RETARDED! Myspace Is Terrible When It Come To Music Quality And Customization!!!!!!!! Myspace Is Not At All Designed The Best Way As A Music Website. Imeem made it so easy to find new music and to add new friends and get more music exposure whether you’re an up & coming artist or just a music listener. UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I Lost 12 Playlists… Hours Of Uploaded Music!

  9. Dark Rose

    I hate this my space …I was an Imeem member for long time and in one minute they destroy everyhting, and even i lost my page,my friends my music list, everything i LOST. How they say we are moving users to my space like if we are new users without any history in Imeem, it’s NOT FAIR at all.
    we Need Imeem back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  10. This is RIDICULOUS! I also use to listen to Imeem at work. Now I cant because social whore networks like Myspace are blocked at my job. Not to mention anywhere else I log on my playlist (that I had to pay a membership for) is gone. Are we getting refunds? I know it was only $10 but hey, thats my $10. Besides, I hate Myspace!

  11. Really stupid

    so ridiculous… I think Id rather facebook have bought it, mostly because myspace has been slowing dying for years now. This is a desperate attempt for myspace to scrap some more users…

  12. ReJonda Grant

    Yeah at work I was listening to Imeem before lunch then afterwards I could not login because my company blocks access to social networks! I listen to Imeem all day I am so disappointed that I don;y have access.

  13. I take a nap and wake up thinking I’ll possibly log on to imeem, but instead of seeing the homepage I am redirected to myspace?! Then what makes me more livid is that all of my playlists may not be apart of this idiotic migration. This is absolutely ridiculous. I doubt after the first day of adjusting to this change, I won’t be a part of it or myspace for too long.

  14. I cannot take this, i LOVED Imeem, it was the best place to have a digital playlist so matter where you want you had it with you. Now those bastards at myspace bought it. I am just gonna slink back to projectplaylist or hear IT

  15. Seriously. This is like the worst company to have bought out imeem. I can not express the amount of incredulity I am feeling right now -_-. And leaving imeem 30 seconds of play til this was worked out is a way better idea than just moving (and pretty much getting rid of it) it without any info.