Forecast: Online Will Take More Ad Dollars Than Newspapers By 2015


Is the upswing in effect? Three industry forecasts are raising their expectations for next year’s ad spend…

Magna Global is predicting a six-percent rise, GroupM just 0.8 percent, and ZenithOptimedia is raising its cross-media global advertising forecast for the first time in 18 months, projecting a 0.9 percent 2010 uplift (up from the previous 0.5 percent growth forecast), buoyed by ongoing internet growth and a TV ad recovery.

The net was the only medium to attract more money in 2009 in Zenith’s figures, though its growth curve is flatter than the early-2000s heyday growth of 40+ percent a year. It


Mihir F

These figures I feel could only hold true in an evolved market like the US and not any other place.. The figures are simply too high!

Sheldon Nesdale

Your statistics look completely made up. But then again, all forecasts are plucked out of thin air I suppose.

I’d like to see a forecast from ZenithOptimedia dated 2004 which contains a forecast for the following 5 year period and overlay that with what actually happened.


With all due respect, if you understood what the internet is and why it is here, this would not be a novelty but expected.

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