Zenn Reiterates Focus on EEStor Vehicles


Canadian electric vehicle maker Zenn has been pretty clear in press interviews about its future plans with stealthy energy storage firm EEStor. Back in September Zenn said it planned to ditch its previous car manufacturing business in order to act as a supplier to the auto industry using the EEStor drive train. Today Zenn makes that official and puts a date on the calendar — Zenn says it will stop manufacturing its own car by April 30, 2010.

Zenn says the move represents “turning the page” in the evolution of its company. As we, and others, have noted, the strategy means that Zenn has placed its entire fortunes on the promises of EEStor, a plan that’s filled with risks and uncertainties. Now Zenn has to play “the same waiting game as everybody else,” as Zenn CEO Ian Clifford has described it, until the first commercial unit from EEStor is available. EEStor and Zenn say that will happen before the end of the year (yep, just weeks until that deadline).

In the release that Zenn put out today, it also described a more explicit explanation of its exclusive and non-exclusive license deal with EEStor. Zenn says it has exclusive rights to sell EEStor technology for vehicles under 1,400 kilograms, for neighborhood electric vehicles and golf carts with a max speed of 30 miles per hour, and for aftermarket conversions. SUVs, pickups, trucks, trams, buses or “high-performance sports cars with electric drive systems of 100 continuous kilowatts or higher,” are not included in the exclusive deal. That arrangement is a lot more selective than I had previously thought.




It is always good to see that there are those who can come to the conclusion that those who lie, over a period of years, for the purpose of enriching themselves will eventually decide that they are being lied to.

Kudos to you for your perceptiveness. The story, on the technical side, has been quite slick, as it targeted all who do not have intimate knowledge of the science that supports capacitor energy storage. This was sufficient to make believers of a number of politicians who can influence how the public’s money is spent. Whether this was ignorance, on the part of politicians, or strategy to increase their power politically, is a moot point as far as the final result, i. e. robbery through taxation.

It is interesting that Mr. Global Warming (Al Gore)is also associated with Kleiner Perkins. The recent revelations of manipulated scientific data on that subject indicate that the same players are involved in all of these “Green” subjects, and are profiting handsomely by targeting generalized ignorance of what really is pseudo science.


A new Blog posted by the blogger with the bag over his head, Baghead pumper of EESCAM/Zenn, the person who was holding the camera and asking annoying questions to LM president about EESCAM, today blogged “My feeling is if EEStor hasn’t announced anything BY NOW then they aren’t likely to announce anything IN DECEMBER, ie, THIS YEAR.”
This proves another lie by Dick Weir who stated to potential investors on the leaked conference call EESCAM was ahead of schedule in delivery of EESU’s to Zenn by end of 2009.

Kent Beuchert, calling Dick Weir a liar in this case does not constitute slander because Dick did lie.


I’m Sorry. I’m new to this blog and mistook what was posted in comments as having come from Kathie.

Actually the answer should have been directed to “concernedaboutlies”.


Note that Zenn’s exclusivity appears to apply only to 4 wheeled vehicles. If so, we could see interesting new designs for electric motorcycles and scooters.


A curious coincidence is that EESTOR of Cedar Park, TX and V Vehicle of Monroe, LA are both beneficiaries of Kleiner Perkins investments and both operating in stealth mode. It causes me to wonder if Mr. Weir and Mr. Perkins, both active in renewable energy develoment, might have some covert interests in each other’s pet projects.

The change in ZENN’s business plans could be the result of such an arrangement, allowing Mr. Clifford’s firm to act as a supplier to VVC. After all, manufacturing the compact version of an EESU powered car in Toronto would make it subject to import regulations that might not be as costly if the product is merely a part and not a fully assembled auto. That seems to work well for the Japanese and Korean firms.

I became curious after reading a very brief article in the Ouachita Citizen News regarding complaints by local plumbers union that work seemed to be going forward at the V Vehicle plant but most of the vehicles in parking lot had Texas and Oklahoma plates and why weren’t they hiring local workers?

My curiosity remains unsatisfied. I’m sure someone reading this nlog will be able to blow this theory out of the water. Fine with me if they can put the suspicions to rest.

Kent Beuchert

blogger concernedaboutlies apparently doesn’t mind slandering
others without a shred of evidence that they are lying. Concernedaboutlies is most likely the liar around here.

Kent Beuchert

ZENN Motors licensing arrangements have been known by me and everyone else for more than a year now. There is no reason for Fehrenbacher to
be surprised by what Clifford said. If ZENN is leaving he low speed arena, that can only mean that it sees EESTor technology as viable, or
at least more viable than low speed technology.


The first I was aware of those details was when I watched a TV interview of Ian Clifford in September. Those details were left out of ZMC’s financial reports prior to September. You can check yourself to be sure.

I brought this up in a forum at theeestory.com.

~ student


And, how do you know that, little boy?? …Hmmm?
When you accuse folkls of being liars and scammers, you’d better have a lot more in your evidence bucket than mere supposition …**shol!!


Dick Weir has been lying to investors since 2004. He has not delivered on his EESU patent claims and never will.

In my opinion if you have been lying for close to 6 years, than you are a scammer.

If you are new to the EESCAM BS, the following sums up the story, courtesy of Steve Pluvia:
“EEStor is nothing more than a vehicle for a Canadian pump-n-dump, specifically Zenn Motors. Zenn has a powerful Canadian hype team supported by a crooked bucket shop (Paradigm Capital), paid promoters and degenerate gamblers.”

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