Work as Unpaid Network Tester for AT&T With Mark the Spot for iPhone

Those folks at AT&T are certainly cheeky. They get the reputation that their network performance sucks, and they strike back with TV ads that show how good their coverage is. They ignore the fact that voice and data coverage are two different things, and they totally neglect that their voice performance is mediocre, no matter how orange the map may be.

Now comes word about an app for the iPhone, Mark the Spot, that lets iPhone users on the AT&T network inform the carrier when they have network problems — dropped calls, bad 3G coverage, or any “other network problem.” Mark the Spot lets the iPhone user shoot problem information to AT&T, along with the location of the issue.

So basically, AT&T is combating lousy network performance by tapping millions of iPhone owners to work as unpaid network testers. Yep, there’s now an app for that.


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