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The CrunchPad is Now JooJoo, Does HD Playback

We’ll leave it to other blogs to spill more ink on the colorful history of the new JooJoo tablet (formerly known as the CrunchPad). The phrase “HD video” is what caught our eye. From our pal Kevin Tofel:

The operating system is Unix-based and the device has a 4 GB Solid State Disk drive for local storage. There’s “enough graphic power” for full HD video playback. Five hours of online time is the expectation for wireless browsing. Have a look-see at the JooJoo, which is an African term for “magical.”

Kevin doesn’t think you’ll be running out to grab one, however. With a $499 price tag and only Wi-Fi connectivity, he writes: ” [it’s] a hard sell for a web-based tablet with only Wi-Fi. A netbook is priced less and offers far more, so I’m calling this one a niche product for now.”

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