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If You Can Draw It on a Whiteboard, You Can Send It to a Kindle

As a “type A” student, I routinely tried to write down nearly everything my teachers wrote on the chalkboard. Aside from blisters and far too many trips to the pencil sharpener, I’m not sure my approach yielded much. But it was useful to be able to refer back to a teacher’s illustrations or mathematical formulas from time to time.

These days, we have electronic textbooks to read and tablet computers to document our thoughts in class — and now, portable whiteboard viewers. Luidia, a company that designs and sells interactive electronic whiteboard solutions, is leveraging the display, portability and connectivity of Amazon’s (s amzn) Kindle to offer a new “Send to Kindle” feature that shoots whiteboard contents to an Amazon’s e-book reader.

“Students can review class lessons, parents can see what children have studied in class, and businesses can review presentations and brainstorming sessions on their Kindle. This new feature is not only convenient, it also is a paperless, environmentally friendly alternative to taking conventional notes.”

The new “Send to Kindle” feature is part of Luidia’s eBeam software, which already allows for sending whiteboard information as a BMP, PDF or JPG file to a computer. This allows for review of important data when not at a computer, so there’s no long boot delay introduced — you simply flip your Kindle power on, enable the wireless radio and get to viewing what was on the whiteboard. The new “Send to Kindle” functionality supports both the Kindle 2 and the larger Kindle DX, which is targeted squarely at the education market.

While this particular application is fairly specific, it shows the potential of devices as they become web connected. I didn’t learn this equation back in my high school days, but mobile broadband combined with portable displays yields smarter solutions than from when I was a kid — all without that dusty chalk.

9 Responses to “If You Can Draw It on a Whiteboard, You Can Send It to a Kindle”

  1. absolutely right!
    Great that new technologies bring environmentally awareness to the top of discussion. In the end it’s what matters the most.
    I have a Kindle 2 and since then I stopped buying books and making print outs. I feel I am contribuiting to the environment. You also have the chance to take some action in the same vein. One tip is to have a look at
    They run a contest where the prize is a Kindle 2!!

  2. There is actually a fee if you have something delivered wirelessly to the kindle. Unless all fee for the kindle DX are subsidized by the school board, i don’t see how this idea is going to fly among the students.