Endemol’s ‘Married On MySpace’ Leaps From The Web To Si TV

Add another show to the likes of Quarterlife — one of the only web-based series to make it to TV. (Let’s hope that this one fares better, though, as Quarterlife got canned by NBC after just one episode). Get Married on MySpace, the reality show that Endemol USA launched in March, has been picked up by Latino cable network Si TV, albeit in a slightly different format.

The new show, Elle & Tito: The Married Life, features the couple that got married social-media style, Elle and Tito. Over the course of the 13-episode web series, MySpace users voted on everything from Elle’s dress, to the wedding location; the high-level of engagement made it the most popular series on MySpace ever, per Variety, garnering more than 15 million views and one million votes. That quantifiable engagement is what sparked SiTV’s interest.

The new series goes live in March 2010; SiTV will try to drum up interest by airing three intro episodes compiled of Married on MySpace footage, this month. Meanwhile, MySpace will air special hybrid episodes of Elle & Tito a day before each new episode runs on TV; the social network also picked up a second season of Married on MySpace, which will go live with a new couple next year. While it is not clear whether MySpace got a financial boon from the Endemol/SiTV deal, it does help cement MySpace’s reputation for being an ideal place to launch original video series — even if it’s no longer the social network du jour.

In related news, the Huffington Post has picked up a new political web series called Grass Roots; the show, distributed by indie web TV network Koldcast, will run on HuffPo’s comedy vertical.