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Bezos: Nook E-Book Lending Feature Is ‘Sophie’s Choice’

E-book sharing offers one of the more intriguing differences between the Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle and the Nook from Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) — and, it turns out, a chance for Jeff Bezos to critique the upstart. After telling an interviewer for the NYT magazine that he would stick to his company policy of “not talking about other companies,” Bezos walked right into a critique of Nook’s lending feature: “The current thing being talked about is extremely limited. You can lend to one friend. One time. You can

4 Responses to “Bezos: Nook E-Book Lending Feature Is ‘Sophie’s Choice’”

  1. “That doesn’t provide any real clue about how many sales publishers are missing when they stick to physical only but it suggests to me that the risks are getting higher.”

    …But it also doesn’t count the number of people who buy both because they want to read it on the Kindle, but they want to have a permanent copy as well

  2. Just_A_Guy

    Does Amazon’s ebook sales count all the books they sell for S0.00? Because right now, their top 5 sellers and more than half of their top 100 sellers go for that price.

  3. All-American Booklover

    Kindle ebooks represent only 16-20% of the books I buy. Kindle is great for lots of things, but electronic devices simply cannot replicate the book experience, and while with certain kinds of titles (light reading, esp. fiction) enough of the experience is retained to justify the convenience of the electronic format, I’d venture to say that a majority of titles (cookbooks; books containing many illustrations, photos, and/or diagrams; collections of poems or essays; many textbooks) lose more user-friendliness than they gain by being converted to an e-reader format. Long live the book!