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FourSquare for BlackBerry, Almost Here

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foursquareblackberrybeta.jpgThe FourSquare app is coming to the BlackBerry platform soon.  New York-based FourSquare, which has raised $1.35 million in funding, is working on a beta version of the application. The company recently provided access to its beta version to a handful of people. Soon, it will be rolling out 500 beta invites in batches. You can still sign up for the app. And if my first impression is any indication, it is totally worth the wait.

I’ve been tracking the beta version of the location-based social service on my BlackBerry Tour and so far, have been impressed with the software. It’s highly stable and is easy to use. Of course, there are some limitations with the BlackBerry platform. The app could stand to leverage more of the BlackBerry’s hardware, but that’s a minor nit.

If you’re a first-time user on the BlackBerry, you’re going to find FourSquare to be pretty simple and easy to use. I’ve used the FourSquare app on an iPhone, and as a result, I find the experience a little jarring: You’re forced to take more steps to get things done. There are some features which are missing. For instance, the leaderboard isn’t easy to find and even when you do find it, you need to go online to get the results. That said, since it is a beta product, I’m willing to wait for more functionality.

11 Responses to “FourSquare for BlackBerry, Almost Here”

  1. Thanks Om – I am a long-time BB user and twitterholic – would love to check out Foursquare on the BB, and hadn’t seen the Beta link before. I’ve signed-up now and fingers crossed….

    Thx & Rgds,


  2. How is going online to retrieve leader board data a little jarring? How else can you do it? How is a hard to find leader board a feature that’s missing? Sure it’s not user friendly, but that versus the blackberry platform where they simply cannot leverage the platform? I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for new features…

    • Rohan many of our readers are Blackberry users and FourSquare users. And while you think FourSquare is a flavor of the month, I disagree and think differently. Thanks for letting us know of your opinion.