iMac, MacBook Top Retail Sales for October


For Apple (s aapl), the good news just keeps coming. According to data collected by The NPD Group, a research firm that closely follows the retail industry, Apple’s 13-inch MacBook was the top-selling laptop and the 21.5-inch iMac was the top-selling desktop in the retail channels during the month of October.

Stephen Baker, analyst with The NPD Group, explained that because Apple has a limited number of computer models, it has an advantage over its Windows (s msft) counterparts. In addition, he noted that the introduction of new iMacs almost always results in increased in sales for the company. Apple also had two of the top three best-selling computers during October. According to the same research firm, Apple took in 48 percent of U.S. retail desktop revenue from Macs.

Apple is also benefiting from the iPhone halo effect, as those devices help entice more and more folks into the Apple Stores. The iPhone is a good introduction for many to the world of Apple, and some of that is spilling into the company’s computer sales. That said, Windows is is the dominant computer operating system.



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Nitin Borwankar

Hi Om,
I am curious to know if there are OS figures broken down by business vs consumer. I am reasonably certain that Windows numbers dominance is primarily due to massive volume of business users. I could bet that the growth/replacement rate of Apple over Windows in consumer and small business environments would be much higher and that Apple is trending to dominate in consumer environments – and I don’t mean iPods etc I mean laptops, home computers and 1-5 person small business computers.
It would be very useful for GigaOM to analyse these numbers to the next level of detail and break them out by consumer vs business.
Windows dominance is not that great in the home/consumer env. Also school/university environments.
Belated congrats on the great new look, BTW.

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