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Gist Public Profiles Help You Get Found

I’ve written a lot about social identity management using services like DandyID or GizaPage while Charles has tackled some other options for managing online identities. In my past coverage of relationship and information management service Gist, I’ve always appreciated the volume and usefulness of the information that it can gather about the people with whom I need to stay in contact.

The folks at Gist are now joining the social identity management space by unleashing this functionality to the masses — giving everyone the ability to create and share their own public profile. Now I can now use the data-gathering power of Gist to present a full dossier about me.

Gist Public Profile Bar

Social identity management is a crowded market but Gist is entering it with a strong initial offering. Its public profiles are customizable and can contain a virtually unlimited amount of contact information and links to the various places that one exists on the social web, all accessible via a customized URL (here’s mine).

Each item from your personal record can be made visible or kept private in your public profile on an individual basis, while the news that Gist gathers can be filtered or limited based on keywords or other criteria to better present what’s displayed.

Scott Blitstein's Gist Profile

The news-gathering feature is what makes the Gist profile so compelling. Using the same technology that populates the contacts within your Gist account, your public profile can automatically show the most relevant information about you, your company and your presence on the web.

If you’re a Gist user, the public profiles of others can be easily integrated into your account as a means to add new contacts or to pull information into an existing contact.

I’d eventually like to see the data I present with a Gist profile be made available to other services via an API — this is the feature that I think makes DandyID the most compelling choice for identity management. However, the presentation is nice and I really like the privacy options for controlling just what information gets displayed. If you’re using the Internet as a promotional tool, and want to be found, setting up a complete Gist profile just makes sense.

Sign up for your Gist account, which is free during the public beta.

How do you control your social identity?