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Digitalsmiths Targets News, Sports Organizations With New Clipping Capabilities

Digitalsmiths reporting
Digitalsmiths reporting and analytics

Digitalsmiths is primarily known for enabling film studios like Warner Bros. (s TWX) to manage and distribute large video files with advanced metadata and search capabilities attached — but that could change with the newest version of its VideoSense platform. That’s because the company has built new clipping and editing capabilities into VideoSense 2.5, which could open up a whole new market opportunity for Digitalsmiths with news and sports organizations.

“Once an asset’s in the system, [our customers] don’t just want to get it from point A to point B, but they also want to be able to edit that asset,” Weinberger said in an interview with NewTeeVee. So the company developed a clip editing system within VideoSense that allows customers to quickly chop up a master file into shorter segments, creating whole new video assets to be managed within its system.

Because VideoSense recognizes different scenes, faces and objects to create metadata, the system can even suggest segments within a file for users to clip. And because the platform associates all metadata with a timestamp within the master file, when those segments are created, only the metadata that’s relevant to an individual clip will be transferred to the new video asset.

With the new editing and clipping capabilities, Digitalsmiths isn’t just serving film studios and TV programmers anymore — the company is also picking up customers in the news and sports industries. “This is a very powerful tool for them. They no longer need to have an editor sitting down with expensive editing equipment to create these clips,” Weinberger said.

The video clipping functionality is somewhat unique to Digitalsmiths in the white-label video management space, although TV indexing firm Critical Media offers similar capabilities to news organizations through its own Syndicaster platform. While Critical Media doesn’t have the same type of distribution capabilities as Digitalsmiths, it has a partnership to enable customers to distribute clips directly into Brightcove’s video management platform.

In addition to the new editing and clipping features, VideoSense 2.5 adds a couple of other product enhancements, including a new reporting and analytics dashboard that’s fully integrated into the publishing system. The new reporting system is designed to provide granular viewing data across all of an asset’s distribution points, while also enabling publishers to track viewership by metadata. By having access to that data, customers should be able to better monetize their assets, while also being able to make better future publishing decisions, Weinberger said.

Finally, the new version of VideoSense provides a direct way for users to upload an asset from their desktops, doing away with the need to move it between various FTP sites or watch folders. Using technology from Aspera, the direct upload feature also enables more efficient file transfers than customers would see otherwise.