Google Launches Its Own Dictionary


Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is entering yet another online business. The company has launched its own dictionary, which features authoritative definitions of terms, along with example sentences, related phrases, and an aggregation of various others definitions from around the web (mostly from Wikipedia and a Princeton University database). No advertising on the site — at least yet.

The LA Times Tech blog — which first reported on the new site — notes that the link to “definition” which is highlighted on all Google search queries now goes to the Google Dictionary page, instead of (NSDQ: ANSW), which previously had that position. So, what does that mean for CEO Bob Rosenschein tells Marketing Pilgrim that the change is “not material” since the relationship accounted for less than five percent of his company’s traffic.

It also doesn’t look like this will have a big impact on other players in the online dictionary market, at least for now — since the “definition” link strangely does not appear on the new look Google is testing for its search pages.

Google is planning an event for Monday, during which it says it will “introduce a few new features that we hope will change how people search in the future.” We’ll be covering it — and it’s possible that there could be some details about how the new Google Dictionary will fit. In the meantime, we’ve put an inquiry in to Google — and will update this post when we hear back.

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