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Future Of Newspapers: The Three Rings of Existence

At World Newspaper Congress in Hyderabad earlier this week, I came across a very interesting presentation by Tony Joseph, CEO and Founder of Mindworks Global, a media/edit outsourcing firm based in New Delhi and New York. Yesterday I tweeted a figure he quoted, that about 75 percent of newspapers’ news desks daily work can be outsourced. It got a lot of retweet play, hence I asked Tony for a copy of his presentation. I also met him separately at the conference, and his description of the three-ring structure for retooling newspapers was fascinating, but is perhaps going to ruffle some feathers. He is the former editor of Businessworld, one of the large business mags here in India, so understands the journalism side well. One of the things he told me is that he has consciously stayed away from actual core-reporting outsourcing, even though he has been asked to by some of his clients. Embedded below is his presentation (of course discount his own PR about his company’s services):

Newspaper Outsourcing