Would Wireless USB be Useful on Phones?


You remember wireless USB, that technology that sounded promising but never seemed to go anywhere? As a refresher, wireless USB is exactly what the name implies, the ability to use USB peripherals with PCs without messing with cables.

I’ve been thinking that maybe wireless USB would be a good way to go for phones. Now, hear me out before you reject it out of hand. I’m thinking specifically it could be a better method for getting keyboards working with phones. We have Bluetooth now, but it can be flaky and if your phone supports keyboard usage then usually you can’t use your headset at the same time.

Wireless USB could be leveraged on those phones that already support USB, and there are some out there. A wireless keyboard would be easier to use than the wired variety, and if UWB modules became common, then new uses might appear.

I’m not sure this is very practical, but I want to hear what you think. Do you see a use for wireless USB? Any uses other than keyboards?


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