New Coworking Space Roundup


Coworking spaces are really popping up all over. After my post earlier this week about a new venture in the Twin Cities, I’ve been contacted about several interesting spaces that have either recently opened or are due to open soon:

  • Lightbulb Coworking, Charlotte, N.C. Charlotte’s first coworking space recently opened in the historic Southend District. Lightbulb’s Tyler Ford says that, unusually for this type of venture, the space opened without a network of predetermined members or commitments of any kind, but despite that, spaces have filled fast.
  • The Factory, Grand Rapids, Mich. Still in its first month, this new 2,000-square-foot facility is a nicely designed, flexible workplace that is aimed at home-based workers and entrepreneurs. The Factory supports the Coworking Visa project.
  • bzhive, Marin County, Calif. This honey-flavored space will be opened in February 2010, serving Marin County and its neighbors. Interestingly, it should provide free access to drop-ins, as long as space is available.

If you’re involved with a new coworking venture, let us know about it in the comments.



hi simon, as you know for having hosted us in the past, our network project for coworking spaces keeps growong… last space in – check this – is a 18th hundred venetian villa!

we are now up to an astonishing 26 spaces :-)

happy 2010 and thank you for keeping an eye on the coworking scene,

massimo carraro
coworking project by cowo

Wes Garnett

My business partner,Steve Roettger and I are opening a Coworking Community, The coIN (community innovation)Loft in Delaware. Like Conjunctured in Austin, we’ll hope to market and utilize the skills of our members to attract local projects for our them to work on and build their portfolios with, as well as make some money with. We’ll also have an emphasis on internships for local high school and college students to experience and learn about entrepreneurship.

Todd O'Neill

C4 Workspace in San Antonio Texas was six months old last Friday. In coworking years that’s like a decade.
Thanks for keeping coworking in the spotlight. Now if we could get mainstream media to take it seriously rather than just a “neat” feature story.

Aaron Schaap

Thanks for the mention around The Factory. Excited to see coworking getting more attention these days. It’s definitely a needed piece for entrepreneurial infrastructure within a region (among other things).

Todd O'Neill

Thanks for the mention1 I missed the first time I was here. Come on down to the holiday party next Monday!

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