Mophie Juice Pack Air Flies Across the Ocean and Back on One Charge


Image Credit: ZNF

We mentioned the Mophie Juice Pack Air in February, but somehow I missed all of the reviews between then and now. Our friend Dave Zatz just took a cross-Atlantic roundtrip and dropped $90 on a Juice Pack Air just before leaving. His hands-on photos really demonstrate how much –or how little — bulk this external battery / case adds to Apple’s iPhone (s aaple). There’s no question you’ll end up with a thicker and heavier handset, but the design seems like a fair trade-off for getting another full charge on the run. Dave wasn’t too thrilled about the seams of the Juice Pack Air, but they don’t bother me from an aesthetic standpoint.

Like the original Juice Pack, you can flip a switch to enable charging. It turns out that Dave really didn’t need to flip that switch though — on the flights he was able to watch videos and read e-books on a half charge. Sounds like he’s going to sell that Juice Pack Air at a discount, so hit him up if you’re interested! As for me, my cheapie, $15 external batteries for my iPhone 3GS are shipping today so I’ll have a follow up next week. Unless the low-priced batteries blow up, that is. ;)



The seams most bothered me because I didn’t expect them given the product imagery I’d seen. Obviously, there will be some seams, but the gaps on the two sides were pretty large (relatively speaking). Anyway, I already worked a deal on Twitter to unload it for $45 shipped. Obviously, I’m out some cash but the efficiency of the transaction makes it worthwhile. :)


There is one advantage of the Mophie over the $15 battery: protection.

I picked one up when they first came out and had it for all of a day when a close friend of mine was going out of town for a week. I loaned it to them to try out and report back to me.

Well while sneaking a smoke out a sixth floor window the iphone 3G in the mophie case slipped out of hand…

The mophie case was split, the iPhone 3G screen was cracked but a piece of packaging tape on the screen and the iphone 3G remained functional until an Apple Genius did a screen swap (for free!)

Kevin C. Tofel

Spot on, Scotty. I don’t use a case for my iPhone now — never did, so I don’t mind the lack of protection that the $15 battery isn’t giving me. But for many folks, some type of phone protection is key. Glad to hear the Mophie case helped out with the drop!

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