Fujitsu’s Small UH900 Computer Fits in a Big Pocket

Image Credit: Fujitsu

The Asia Pacific division of Fujitsu has a new handheld computer to show off, and it reminds me of a narrower version of the Sony (s sne) VAIO P. The Fujitsu UH900 offers a 5.6″ inch multi-touch display and a full QWERTY keyboard in a clamshell form factor for running Microsoft Windows 7 (s msft). The keyboard looks to be cramped due to the small screen size, but it helps that there’s a wide bezel on the left and right of the display — that allows for a larger base and keyboard. Overall dimensions for the UH900 are 20.4cm x 10.65cm x 2.38cm, so that keyboard has to fit in a 7.87″ wide base. Like the VAIO P, the UH900’s display is what I’d consider high resolution for its size — Fujitsu reports WXGA resolution, which should reduce scrolling a bit. Fujitsu made good use of that wide bezel next to the screen, although a wider display might be more attractive. Five “Touch Buttons” fit next to the screen, to offer one-touch resolution changes, ECO mode, or launch apps — three of the buttons are user configurable.

Overall, the device weighs 500g. That low weight has me thinking the UH900 has a small battery, too, though. Fujitsu doesn’t offer the battery capacity, but points out an ECO button for “extending battery life up to three hours.” It’s not clear to me if that extends the battery life three more hours or if three hours is the best you’ll see. The platform used is relatively power-efficient — it’s an Intel Atom Z530 (s intc) processor with 62GB of SSD storage, but again, no specs on the run-time. Other specs known so far: Blueooth, integrated webcam, stereo microphone and dedicated 3.5G options, which I expect are for HSPA networks. Also included is a DVD sharing application for wireless sharing of an optical disk attached to another computer.

No word yet on price, but CNet Asia reports availability in January. That means there’s a good chance to get a look at the UH900, along with more details, at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show.