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Calling Dibs on Cleantech: “Just as the rise of the Internet spawned battles over technology rights and patents, the clean tech revolution has the industry hunkered down behind armies of lawyers fighting over intellectual property rights.” Now UC Berkeley has released a report on the battle entitled, “Who owns the Clean Tech Revolution?” — San Francisco Chronicle

Hydraulic Fracturing Fuels Debate: “Oil and gas companies have figured out how to turn shale rock into natural gas gushers, but they have also hit a deep well of anxiety about the environmental impact of drilling in some of the country’s most scenic areas.” — Washington Post

Show Me the Money: California was awarded $226 million in stimulus funds for energy-related projects earlier this year. But by mid-November, the state Energy Commission had entered into contracts worth just $40 million, and spent only $71,000 — for administrative costs. — The Orange County Register’s OC Watchdog

Why Japan Needs 85MPG Cars By 2030: One of the conclusions which can be drawn from deconstructing the International Energy Agency’s forecast of energy supply and demand through 2030, is that “the average new vehicle sold in Japan in 2030 will have to attain on average 85 miles per gallon.” — Scarce Whales via Business Insider

Australian Carbon Cap Fails: Boon for COP15?: “The debate over climate-change legislation in Australia has been a tangled and raucous tale, and it culminated yesterday with the Senate finally voting down” a cap-and-trade system. The move could actually strengthen support Down Under for a global climate deal. — TNR’s The Vine

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