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Google’s Josh Cohen: Publishers Still Need Us

Media companies that want to erect paywalls around their online content still need to be visible on search engines. In fact, they have an even greater need for their content to be listed, according to Josh Cohen, Google’s chief negotiator with media companies and the man behind Google (NSDQ: GOOG) News.

Earlier this week it was Cohen who announced on a company blog that Google is to allow publishers of paid for content to limit the amount of free access internet users have to their websites from Google News.

Cohen said publishers would be able to charge for their content and still make it available via Google following the changes announced yesterday. “The two aren’t mutually exclusive,” he added, on a Google News blog.

He added that Google had achieved this by updating its First Click Free programme, so that publishers can limit Google News users to looking at no more than five pages of content a day without registering or subscribing.

Rupert Murdoch has cast Google in the role of online villain in recent weeks, accusing the search engine giant of stealing content from his newspapers for its own gain. His distrust of the company has reached such a level that News Corp (NYSE: NWS) is reportedly in talks with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) to offer content from titles such as The Sun and The Times only on the software company’s Bing search engine. The deal would entail removing all News Corp content from Google’s search engine and its Google News service, something that is technically be very simple to do.

Cohen, senior business product manager, refused to comment on talk that News Corp is considering a tie-up with Bing, but stressed that Google works with a host of media companies

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