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Google Integrates Twitter With Its Friend Connect

Say this for Google: The company does not like to have its rivals grab all the attention. Less than a day after Facebook announced it would link up Facebook Connect across Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) properties, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) announced the integration of its own identity platform with Twitter. People will now be able to log into any of the nine million sites that use Google Friend Connect with their Twitter logins; once they do so, they will be able to easily share some content from those sites via Twitter. Sites that use Google Friend Connect get the Twitter integration automatically. So, it looks like Google is trying to give those sites another reason to stick with its service. This follows a series of updates to Friend Connect earlier this month. A war among the web identity giants, perhaps?

One Response to “Google Integrates Twitter With Its Friend Connect”

  1. Mark Smith

    Interesting development. I agree with you that ultimately this battle of the networks is detrimental to the user experience. Users want to be able to seamlessly glide from one network to another. From statements the company has made, I like’s open source philosophy which is taking its own 5 million user community one step further . It already allowed for its users to sign up using their own Twitter accounts for a long time, and as I understand it, will open it up to both Facebook and Google, as well as other identities allowing open access to their unique Wadja labels feature, and eliminating the need for multiple logins to a variety of networks. As long as Facebook and Twitter are battling it out, they’ll miss out on where the industry is really heading and what consumers are demanding.