24 Things to Like About the Nokia N900

Image Credit: MyNokiaBlog

Image Credit: MyNokiaBlog

No, I didn’t get a Nokia N900, so this isn’t my list. But it’s a darn good list and anyone considering the N900 — or a competing, high-end handset — should probably take a gander at this. Jay Montano comprised the list after spending his first week with the handset and although there’s plenty to like, he adds a few items he doesn’t care for as well. The entire list is worth a look, but some of the top likes that jumped out at me:

  • Fast menus — “It really makes a difference not having to wait that half a second for applications view to load.” Lags on a phone can be maddening to me.
  • Task switching is a breeze — “[I]t’s so simple with the live windows – actual live windows.” Reminds me of what I like about Palm’s webOS and looks nice in the above pic.
  • Browsing speed — “With 3G coupled with the default browser it feels like I’m using broadband.” That’s most impressive and sounds like the mobile Mozilla browser is highly optimized.

There are about a dozen nits and niggles that Jay doesn’t like, but from what I can see, they’re mostly minor and can be addressed through software updates. At nearly $500 unlocked around these parts, I still don’t expect I’ll run into an N900 user anytime soon — at least not outside of the CES and CTIA trade shows. But for a power user like Jay who wants a handheld computer and phone all in one, the N900 sounds satisfying.


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