24 Things to Like About the Nokia N900


Image Credit: MyNokiaBlog

No, I didn’t get a Nokia N900, so this isn’t my list. But it’s a darn good list and anyone considering the N900 — or a competing, high-end handset — should probably take a gander at this. Jay Montano comprised the list after spending his first week with the handset and although there’s plenty to like, he adds a few items he doesn’t care for as well. The entire list is worth a look, but some of the top likes that jumped out at me:

  • Fast menus — “It really makes a difference not having to wait that half a second for applications view to load.” Lags on a phone can be maddening to me.
  • Task switching is a breeze — “[I]t’s so simple with the live windows – actual live windows.” Reminds me of what I like about Palm’s webOS (s palm) and looks nice in the above pic.
  • Browsing speed — “With 3G coupled with the default browser it feels like I’m using broadband.” That’s most impressive and sounds like the mobile Mozilla browser is highly optimized.

There are about a dozen nits and niggles that Jay doesn’t like, but from what I can see, they’re mostly minor and can be addressed through software updates. At nearly $500 unlocked around these parts, I still don’t expect I’ll run into an N900 user anytime soon — at least not outside of the CES and CTIA trade shows. But for a power user like Jay who wants a handheld computer and phone all in one, the N900 sounds satisfying.



I have just raised some concerns with regard to the N900’s battery performance – less than 6 hours 3g connected – 10 without…tops, bluetooth performance, poor missed calls and voicemail functionality as well as no auto disconnect of 3g, no ability to change the standard 2 profiles, clunky call handling….etc
There are a lot of problems and Nokia just deleted my thread on their discussions website asking for an improvements sticky thread and attention being paid to the above immediately.
Wish I’d personally have bought an iPhone. Nokia are incapable of launching a phone like this that works out of the box…look at the n96 and n97 models….awful problems with those.
I hope someone listens rather than ignores these problems as Nokia are gaining a reputation for using the public to test and develop their phones!


As an owner I can say that, with a few exceptions, the N900 is near perfect for my mobile data-consumptive life. i routinely run 12 or more active windows/apps with no lag. I receive emails from 6 different accounts, follwo my twitter accounts, IM/SMS, stream internet radio, review work documents, watch videos im near HD. and it’s a real phone. And it’s camera is incredible (in good light).
battery life necessitates carrying 1 spare.
no Exchange 2003 support until the next FW release later this month.
and the resistive screen? is excellent.


Actually having used an iphone and G1 both over a year, and then having used the n900, i can hardly tell the difference. Ok, I can tell the difference but its a difference in “feel” and not in screen usability. The screen is just as good.

If I dont keep my n900, it will be because of the bulk.

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