YouTube Counts Down to New Year’s Eve With Viral Hits

YouTube's Countdown to New Year's Eve

YouTube (s GOOG) launched a new channel to commemorate the site’s top viral videos of the year. The New Years Countdown channel is designed to look like a typical advent calendar, but doesn’t carry with it any of the religious connotations that might come with counting down to Christmas. And like an advent calendar, the channel has a different viral “treat” hiding behind each new day of the month (though We’d prefer candy).

The countdown channel was built for and sponsored by Samsung to show off its U10 pocket video camera, which competes against Cisco’s (s CSCO) Flip video cameras.

YouTube’s new channel kicked off yesterday with MysteryGuitarMan‘s “Guitar: Impossible” and continued today with “Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog.” No doubt “JK Wedding Entry Dance,” “Megawhoosh,” and something from “Auto-Tune the News” will be included.

YouTube isn’t the only company using the end of the year to showcase popular videos of 2009. Yahoo (s YHOO) released its own Viral Video All-Stars list yesterday, as well as its Top 5 Strange and Amazing Videos of 2009, the Top 5 Funny Videos, the Top 5 Animal Videos, Top 5 Epic FAIL Videos, and the Top 10 Viral Videos of the Decade.

With only 31 days in the month, it’ll be interesting to see which videos make the cut for the countdown channel, and which videos don’t. So we ask our readers: Which videos do you think deserve to be highlighted this year?