Reader Survey: Help Us Better Serve You (and Win a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate)


At GigaOM Pro, we offer a wide variety of in-depth market research that appeals to the technology enthusiast, innovator, investor and designer. While we know many of these words can be used to describe readers of TheAppleBlog, we also know most of you visit TheAppleBlog for Apple related news, analysis and reviews.

Given this, we’d like to better understand what types of analysis and market research topics would be valuable to visitors of TheAppleBlog. This short survey will help us to better do so and, as a result, make GigaOM Pro more valuable by offering market research for this large and enthusiastic audience.

You can take the survey here. We are offering a $50 iTunes gift card to one lucky survey participant, so if you want to take a shot at winning this gift card, please take a few minutes to fill out our survey (we will not use your email address — if you choose to enter your name for consideration for the gift card — for anything else but this drawing).



This is not a survey but a way to advertisement for GigaOM Pro. Really very ugly way is promoting its network members.

Josh Pigford

Errr, creating a survey as the actual way of promoting a site seems odd…and in this case, simply incorrect.

GigaOm Pro is the for-pay arm of the GigaOm network (which TAB is indeed a part of). At the moment, what we’ve observed is that GigaOm Pro doesn’t provide very much content that seems all that appealing to most TAB readers (while it _does_ seem to appeal to a lot of reader on our other sites).

So the point of the survey is to learn what sort of content TAB readers might be interested in seeing on GigaOm Pro.

Easy as that. No hidden agendas. No conspiracy theories.

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