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iPhone Constantly Running Low on Juice? Try a $15 External Battery

I love my iPhone (s aapl), but when I’m out and about and using the web heavily, the battery runs out in a day — sometimes not even that. Which is why I was interested to see this post from Kevin over at jkOnTheRun about a $15 external iPhone battery from MonoPrice that can store enough juice to charge the phone twice over — enough power to keep me going on even a longer trip.

I’ve been wary of buying an external battery pack for my phone — they are often quite expensive and don’t seem to be able to provide much of  a battery boost — but as this unit has received good reviews and costs just $15, I’m going to add it to my Christmas wishlist.

Have you tried this MonoPrice battery?

2 Responses to “iPhone Constantly Running Low on Juice? Try a $15 External Battery”

  1. I saw this battery recommended somewhere else, too. You’ll notice it’s backordered on MonoPrice (if I’m reading the info right), but I found the same thing for about the same price someplace else. I just received mine last week. I haven’t traveled with it yet, but it seemed to work very well when I tried it out here at home.

  2. I haven’t tried this one but I’ve had a Kensington Mini for a year now. Decent little battery. I bought a different Kensington model with a built-in USB plug (no charging cable to tote) and a bigger battery last week but haven’t really tested it yet.

    When I’m traveling I tend to use my iPhone 3G very hard and the on-board battery never makes it through a 24 hour long travel day of that kind of use. So the external is kind of a necessity.