Video: EA CEO Stands By Tiger Woods


Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello talked with FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman today about Tiger’s relationship with the company and his private life, saying it’s “private” and he can’t do anything but “stand by” him. EA has made nearly $500 million selling its Tiger Woods game. Watch this video clip, mostly because it highlights the obsession of the media with Tiger Woods’ personal fiasco. How is this a bigger story on most major networks, vs. say COP15? Anyway Riccitiello is talking about a solid holiday season!



I guess the next golf match can be dubbed the “WhoreMaster’s Tournament”.


Tiger, get your life straightened out. You are much better than that and do not need these extra marital affairs.


Duh, jeez, Om, I wonder why he supports Tiger. Could there be $500 million reasons why?

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