Coworking News: A New Space in the Twin Cities


It seems like coworking spaces are popping up all over at the moment. I’ve just spotted this post from Don Ball announcing an interesting coworking venture/small business incubator/meeting space in downtown St. Paul, Minn. — and it could be open as soon as January. Ball’s looking for input on how to shape the space and naming suggestions, so if you’re from the Twin Cities area, head over to his post and get involved.

If you’ve found a cool, new coworking venue recently, let us know about it in the comments.


Tyler Ford

Thanks for getting the word out about coworking…

We recently opened Charlotte’s first coworking environment in the historic Southend District. We employed a somewhat unconventional method, deciding to take a leap, build out and open the space, and then market to our local creative, tech and independent worker community. We did not have a network of predetermined members or commitments of any kind, but it has worked out great.

We’ve filled the majority of our top tier spaces after just one month, and have already hosted a handful of meetups and other community events.

Learned alot, still learning and tweaking based on our growing community’s needs and input.

Check us out here:…prices have all been tweaked and the space has changed a bit from the photos here.


Mac Fowler

Thanks for keeping up with the coworking trend and bringing some light to some of the new spaces.

We just opened up a new space in Grand Rapids, MI. We call it the Factory and it’s tilted towards home based workers and entrepreneurs. It’s been a blast getting everything setup and our community has been very supportive. Our first month has brought a lot of good lessons and we’re having our first in-space Townhall this week.

Check out for more details and some photos

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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