Comcast OnDemand Online to Become… “Xfinity”

If one is the loneliest number, X is the laziest letter — for marketers. From the X-Files to the Xbox to anything “X-TREME!,” big corporations seem to think that slapping the letter on a product gives it some kind of mysterious street cred. Comcast (s CMCSA), unfortunately, has fallen into this trap and has decided to officially name its TV Everywhere flavor “Fancast Xfinity TV” (Xfinity for short).

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Broadcasting & Cable broke the news and the cable company confirmed the name with us.

Comcast’s authentication program had been referred to as “OnDemand Online” for months, but that moniker was always going to change. B&C says it’s seen promotional materials with the new name on it, and that the URL (along with variants) and has also been secured by the MSO. Comcast also evidently filed for a trademark on the name back in July.

During our recent chat with Amy Banse at NewTeeVee Live, the president of Comcast Interactive, Xfinity is set to arrive by Hanukkah (Dec. 12). Now we’re going to have to have another “chat” with her about what makes for a cool name — and what doesn’t.

To Xfinity and beyond!