NBA Expands Mobile Apps With Customized Versions For Every Team


The NBA delivers another triple-double when it comes to mobile apps: a customized NBA Team Game Time app for each NBA team — and on three platforms. For $3.99, fans on any of the 30 teams can download the app for either Android, iPhone or Blackberry. (The apps are available now but the announcement isn’t due until Wednesday.) The fourth of the NBA’s mobile apps and the least expensive of the three pay apps, NBA Team Game Time is named for each team — Lakers Game Time, Mavericks Game Time, etc, and features a custom design for each team, live alerts each quarter, live scores and stats, team videos, twitter updates from the team’s feed, and game highlights. No audio.

It’s not the in-market live video package NBA Digital GM Bryan Perez told us earlier this season he hopes to offer at some point but it does play up to fans’ passion for particular teans; the other apps the NBA offers are more about the league. I haven’t had a chance to use this one yet but only a die-hard fan would want all three of the pay apps. The array shows how many ways a league can mine some of the same territory though, while still presenting real choices:

— The free NBA Game Time Lite is stripped down to the essence: live scores, in-game stats, schedules, standings. It ranks #5 in the iTunes store for free apps,

— NBA Game Time has that plus live home and away radio feeds and more for $10. Ranks #16 in iTunes store for paid apps.

— NBA League Pass Mobile, produced with mobiTV, runs $40 for live video of up to 40 out-of-market games every week. Ranks #10 in iTunes store for paid apps. It’s also the most expensive sports app in the top 25.

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