Comcast Naming Its TV Everywhere Service Xfinity


Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) appears ready to launch its authentication-based online video initiative under the new moniker of Fancast Xfinity TV, according to promotional materials obtained by B&C. The new service may also go by Xfinity, for short. The service had been called OnDemand Online since it was first announced earlier this year. Comcast has not yet responded to a request for comment.

In addition to securing and a number of similar websites (,, etc) the MSO has also secured the Twitter feed at, and has even shot a commercial for the new product. More info on B&C.

Staci adds: I’ve confirmed with Comcast that the new brand will be Fancast Xfinity whem the service rolls out in mid-December. Comcast already had saidit would rebrand and that OnDemand Online was a name for the trial. Why change? This sounds more like a consumer service and less like yet another cable offering. It also bridges Comcast and Fancast so that the name of the service will be the same wherever it is; video portal Fancast retains its own branding, too.



Comcast name changing is a little weird but I love their TV everywhere idea. DISH has TV everywhere as well and as an employee with DISH I had to take full advantage of this app. To be able to travel everywhere and never having to miss my favorite shows is a wonderful idea. If so happens I can’t watch my shows at the time but don’t want to miss it I can also use my phone and set up a recording to my DVR. Comcast and DISH have something’s similar. The only difference is not being able to travel outside your home with Comcast TV everywhere.

Joseph Tartakoff

Why not just use Comcast OnDemand? It's such a simpler name ….

— Joe Tartakoff,

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