The Stuff Success is Made of

I’ve spoken with a lot of entrepreneurs lately about how they’ve built successful businesses, and have also seen through my own experiences that success really comes down to two things — finding your sweet spot and doing a few core actions over and over.

First Ingredient: The Sweet Spot

I believe that for every business owner, there is a sweet spot, a perfect and unique blend of:

  • Passion — loving what you do.
  • Audience — a specific group of people that you’re inspired to serve and that you love being surrounded by.
  • Interaction — participating in very engaging conversations and providing one-of-a-kind content
  • Offering — differentiated products and services.

If you can find that perfect blend, you and your business will become magnetic to the audience you love to serve.

Second Ingredient: A Few Core Actions

You have to find those handful of core actions that keep you immersed in your sweet spot. To find them, you usually only have to look as far as the things that make it up.

  • You have a passion. Lay it out there. Be bold about it. Let people know exactly who you are and what lights you up.
  • You have an audience. Find them. Surround yourself with them. Stay in the places they hang out.
  • You need interaction. Start conversations. Talk with members of your audience daily. Ask them what they want and need. Find ways to be of service to them. Keep churning out high quality, helpful content, whether that be through a blog, a podcast, video, tweets, comments, or any other medium that works for you.
  • You have an offering. Once you know what your audience wants and needs, find a way to provide it. Keep asking questions and find ways to improve on your products and services. Find strategic partners who can help you further serve your audience.

Once you find that sweet spot, your job is to stay thoroughly immersed in it through consistency in your daily actions. The core actions aren’t all that hard to do, but the trick is being consistent and doing those actions over and over again on a daily basis.

We tend to over-complicate things, but it really boils down to finding what uniquely distinguishes you and your business from everyone and everything else, and then doing a few key activities each and every day to constantly communicate that unique message to your niche group of customers.

What have you learned to be the handful of core activities that keep you fully immersed in the sweet spot of your business?

Image from Flickr by Muffet