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SugarSync Rolls Out Android App, Cloud API

SugarSync has long been recognized as one of the easiest-to-use synchronization and backup utilities around. Today it rolled out a SugarSync Cloud API for Android (s goog) developers, as well as a new Android application for local-to-cloud syncing. According to a blog post from SugarSync’s Fuad Rashid:

“Now, you can take any folder in your SugarSync account and make it available locally on your SD card – even when you’re offline. Conversely, you can take a folder that exists on your SD card and sync it to your SugarSync account and to your computers.”

The functionality of the new, free application (which is available on the Android Market) is very similar to what was found in previous versions of SugarSync, facilitating easy synchronization and backup. SugarSync’s Cloud API reaches for more, though. ““The SugarSync Cloud API for Android platform offers developers a way to turn any app into a cloud service almost instantly,” said Domingo Mihovilovic, vice president of engineering at SugarSync, in a statement.

The SugarSync Cloud API lets third-party applications access a user’s files and data, stored on a SugarSync account, so, for example, you could use a mobile financial or social app on your Android phone, and store the data online in customized ways.  Android developers can apply for a developer’s kit for use with the API here.  SugarSync accounts range from a free plan that includes 2GB of storage, to a $4.99 a month plan for 30GB of online storage to a $24.99 a month plan for a 250GB account.