Mozilla Weave Beta Upgraded


Last month I pointed out that Mozilla’s Weave is wicked fast. Unfortunately for me, the fast syncing of passwords, bookmarks and more came at too big of a price –it’s also wicked resource intensive in my experience. Firefox is the only browser that causes the fan in my MacBook to fire up like a wind tunnel, so I’ve moved back to my two-pronged approach of Safari and Chrome.

But don’t let me stop any happy Firefox users from trying the second beta of Weave, because it truly is a good service. New or fixed in this version is:

  • Improved password/secret phrase recovery flow: this should better guide users who have trouble setting up their second machine
  • Better handling of same-named folders when partially syncing: some users were seeing bookmarks moved to the wrong folder of the same name
  • Sync history deletions from one computer to another: deleting a page on one computer will make it disappear from other computers (just like bookmarks)
  • Automatic naming of computers: when viewing tabs from other computers, you’ll see a name based on the computer’s name and user name

I’m passing for now, simply because Firefox brings too much baggage to my world. I need fast and light — something I used to be when I running more, many moons ago.


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