Mozilla Weave Beta Upgraded


Last month I pointed out that Mozilla’s Weave is wicked fast. Unfortunately for me, the fast syncing of passwords, bookmarks and more came at too big of a price –it’s also wicked resource intensive in my experience. Firefox is the only browser that causes the fan in my MacBook to fire up like a wind tunnel, so I’ve moved back to my two-pronged approach of Safari and Chrome.

But don’t let me stop any happy Firefox users from trying the second beta of Weave, because it truly is a good service. New or fixed in this version is:

  • Improved password/secret phrase recovery flow: this should better guide users who have trouble setting up their second machine
  • Better handling of same-named folders when partially syncing: some users were seeing bookmarks moved to the wrong folder of the same name
  • Sync history deletions from one computer to another: deleting a page on one computer will make it disappear from other computers (just like bookmarks)
  • Automatic naming of computers: when viewing tabs from other computers, you’ll see a name based on the computer’s name and user name

I’m passing for now, simply because Firefox brings too much baggage to my world. I need fast and light — something I used to be when I running more, many moons ago.


Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for the info, Paul. I may try the latest beta, but I find this to be a common theme with each version of FF I install. :(

The latest stable version is what I have installed, Dave. And other than Weave, I have no extensions with this install. Zip. Nada. Nothing. It’s very frustrating since I live in a browser all day long.


What version of FF are you running? I do pretty well on 3.5.5 and 3.6b with numerous open tabs. Rogue extension, maybe?

Paul Willen

Hi Kevin,

I use firefox as my main browser on all my machines and the syncing between them is really easy thanks to mozilla weave.
I’ve been using Firefox (and Mozilla Weave) on my MacBook pro and haven’t discovered any problems with my fan at all.

Maybe the newers version of firefox beta 3.6(rev 3) will solve your problems.

Good luck with it!


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