Droid Approaching Million Unit Mark; Cliq Not Doing So Well

Droid in hand

I expected that Motorola and Google must be happy with the number of Droids being sold, primarily due to the major ad campaign that Verizon has been running since before the launch. I was still surprised to see on GigaOM today that Droid sales have been even higher than I would have guessed, with the million unit mark getting closer.

Analysts have pegged total sales to date to be between 700,000 and 800,000 units, a volume that must have Motorola dancing in the cubicles. The first Android phone produced by Motorola, the Cliq, is not doing as well as the Droid, but that is not surprising as T-Mobile has gone silent in the advertising department as far as the Cliq is concerned. The phone is now available outside the U.S. so sales should pick up this quarter.


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