Daily Sprout


Constant Feedback for Better Driving: If you had a gadget in your car that was monitoring your behavior, would it change the way you act the way smart metering systems are supposed to change the way we use electricity? — Slate

EPA Puts Off Ethanol Blend Decision: The EPA released a letter today to an ethanol lobby group saying it has postponed until the middle of next year any decision about whether to increase the amount of ethanol allowed in the nation’s fuel. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Join the Fun: At 6:30 pm PST (9:30 pm EST) this evening General Motors is hosting a panel discussion on the importance of consumer incentives in order to stimulate demand for plug-in vehicles. Here’s where you can watch a live video webcast. — Autoblog Green

Government’s Role in Auto Innovation: Venture capitalist Steve Westly and Ceres president Mindy Lubber urge the Senate to pass the energy and climate bill, and call on the government to “invest in auto companies based on their innovation and potential, not just the size of their workforce.” — Fortune Brainstorm Tech

The Problem With DOE Loans: Darryl Siry, former marketing chief for Tesla Motors (winner of a DOE loan) and adviser to Coda Automotive (no loan), sees a downside to the federal green car loan program: “[T]he vibrant and competitive market for ideas chasing venture capital…is being subordinated to the judgments and political inclinations of a government bureaucracy that has never before wielded such market power.” — Wired’s Autopia

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