A $15 Must-Have iPhone Accessory


Apparently, you can buy a decent external iPhone (s aapl) battery solution for $15 — or less. Fellow geek, Josh Bancroft, was leery of the MonoPrice offer, but decided to take the low-cost risk. And after reading his thoughts as well as some other reviews, I’m ready to splurge for my own external battery. Why this battery over others, you ask? The answer can be summed up in one word: value.

For $15.23 — less if you purchase multiple units — you get a portable battery pack with an iPhone dock that’s easy to tote anywhere. It weighs 68 grams and measures in at 62 x 68 x 16 mm, so tossing it in a gear bag on the way out is a no-brainer. The battery capacity might be the best attribute at this price — we’re talking about 2200 mAh, which ought to charge an iPhone nearly two times on the go. My iPhone 3GS is able to go a full day on one charge, so for a small investment, I could stretch that out to three days in a pinch. I doubt I’ll ever be away from an electrical outlet for that long, but if I ever forget my USB charger or cable for the iPhone, all is not lost. For as much as I use the iPhone for apps and the web on a daily basis, I’m sold!


Gary LaPointe

I picked up a 1800 mAh one (about $16 shipped?) and it was a great investment. I keep it in my bag and it’s great when I need it. It does not interfere with the Seidio case I already have on my phone (but won’t go in holster with it on). http://garysaid.com/seidio-innocase-holster-iphone-3gs-3g/

The one I have (looks similar to above) doesn’t snap on very well, so it’ll fall off if you place it in a jacket or suit pocket and aren’t careful.

I wish when had it on the phone and plugged into the sync cable it’d charge both devices and pass through the data so I could sync.


Grant Caley

I bought a very similar one in Hong Kong (unbranded, but looks like the same design) for my 3GS.

It’s been great, I can charge my Iphone from 20% to 100%, in about an hour, and it probably would cover two charges as well.

It helps a lot when travelling, I use my iPhone for reading books (BookShelf) and the battery allowed me to keep reading for almost a full 12 hour flight.

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