AT&T Ranks Dead Last In Consumer Reports’ Survey


AT&T’s network problems may be more widespread than originally thought, according to a survey released by Consumer Reports. The annual report asked 50,000 readers in 26 cities about their satisfaction when it comes to their wireless carrier. AT&T had the lowest score in 19 cities, and Verizon Wireless ranked the highest, reports AllThingsD.

The findings give new validation to Verizon Wireless’s ad campaign that compares their 3G map side-by-side with AT&T (NYSE: T). But it’s unclear when the survey was conducted, and whether the ads could have swayed public opinion. What the survey did confirm was that AT&T’s network problems extend beyond dense areas, such as New York City and the Bay Area. Users in 17 other cities ranked the carrier last, as well. The complaints ranged from “circuit capacity, dropped-call frequency and voice service.

Consumer Reports concluded that although Apple’s iPhone ranks high in terms of customer satisfaction, “their exclusive carrier, AT&T, was middling at best in satisfaction

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