Yahoo's Year-end Review: Pop Culture Rules


yahootopsearches.gifYahoo just released its year in review according to top searches for 2009. This year’s top 10 searches were dominated by pop culture, led by none other than Michael Jackson, who died earlier this year.

“Twilight,” the vampire book and film series, came in second. The top also included WWE, Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and NASCAR. It seems that 2009 was the year when the world at large wanted to escape from its woes.

For the gadget fiends amongst us, Apple’s iPhone 3G (8 GB), Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP 3000, Apple iPod touch (32 GB) and Sony PlayStation 3 were the top five products for 2009, according to Yahoo searches.

You can check out these and other top 10 search results on a special Year in Review 2009 web site created by Yahoo. As someone who appreciates good, clean design, Yahoo has done a great job of making a large amount of content easy and fun to consume. Kudos.

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