Tweetie 2.1 Update Brings List Support, New Retweet Implementation

Not one to be outdone by Twittelator Pro’s most recent update, atebits’ latest update for Tweetie 2 (iTunes link) brings implementations of the two newest official Twitter features: Lists and Retweet. As someone who isn’t particularly crazy about the official retweet implementation, I’m not so excited about that, but there’s still a “Quote Tweet” option as well, which lets you do things the old way.

There’s a lot of other new features and improvements, too, including tweet geotagging, spam reporting via the official Twitter API, What the Trend explanation of trending topics, and more. Once again, Tweetie has returned to the top of the heap, in terms of both functionality and UI.

Lists can be created, edited, managed and viewed, all from within Tweetie 2 now. That means if users post links in the “@user/list” format, you’ll be able to just click on it to view said list. Your own list management and creation features are accessible via the ellipsis (…) icon. I still have yet to create any of my own lists, but testing this out with the lists of others, it seemed to be well-implemented.

New video upload and hosting options are also available. You can now select from Posterous, Mobypicture and, in addition to TwitVid and yFrog. Maybe best of all among the UI changes, you can now disable automatic browser rotation, which is a feature every landscape-capable app should have, speaking as someone who often browses lying down in bed or on the couch.

Lots of other smaller changes and a long list of bug fixes are also included as part of the 2.1 update. The update is free for all Tweetie 2 users, but if you haven’t yet made the leap to the newest version, the $2.99 price tag is seeming incredibly reasonable right about now.