TweetDeck Updates, Adds Lists and Retweet Support

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Desktop Twitter app TweetDeck (previously covered on WWD) was updated today with some pretty major changes. Version 0.32 of the client comes with built-in support for Twitter Lists (a new way of organizing the people you follow on Twitter), the new retweet functionality, geolocation and LinkedIn.

Built-in Lists support means that you can create columns from Lists and explore your friends’ Lists within the app. You can export your existing TweetDeck Groups into Lists, and create new Lists right within the client. You won’t be able to create TweetDeck Groups anymore, as they’re redundant now that Lists are available.

Retweet support means that new-style retweets will show up in your timelines, flagged with the retweet indicator and showing both the original tweeter’s picture and the retweeter’s picture. But it also still supports old-style retweets, so you have a choice of which to use (I much prefer old-style retweets).

Twitter now supports geolocation data in tweets. Any tweets with geolocation data will be identified in TweetDeck by a red pin at the bottom of the tweet. Clicking on this pin will reveal an inline map showing the location from which the tweet was sent.

LinkedIn support enables you to keep tabs on LinkedIn contacts from within the app — you can add a LinkedIn column to view updates from your network, view profiles and comment on your contacts’ status updates.

The new version of TweetDeck (it’s an AIR application, so works on Windows (s msft), Mac (s aapl) and Linux) can be downloaded here.

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