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Hulu Adds Advanced Search Capabilities

Just last week, Hulu announced a plan to improve its search and discovery system by allowing users to add tags to videos. Now it’s allowing users to drill down and more easily find videos that they want to watch with a new search interface.

With the company’s Advanced Search, users can search by keywords or phrase, search within certain fields (such as Show Title, Video Title, and Season), and use common search operators (“and,” “or,” “not,” etc.) to find specific shows, episodes or clips that they’re looking for.

In addition, the advanced search capabilities will allow users to refine results to those within certain networks of content, or to only search for videos that include closed captioning. There’s also the option of displaying “family friendly” videos only, which helps weed out videos that are rated TV-14, PG-13, TV-MA, R, NC-17, NSFW or NR.

The addition of new search tools comes after Hulu had its best month ever in October, generating 856 million video streams during the month. That was a record for the site, and represented an increase of 47 percent from the previous month. Now that Hulu has reached critical mass, the company is working on ways to improve the user experience.

Search and discovery is a big part of that improvement. In a blog post, Hulu editor Rebecca Harper writes that the company has been working on improving its search tools because, “after all, we want Hulu to be a better place to not only watch videos, but also to find them, too.”

The company is hoping that better search tools will help it continue to grow, leading to more video views and even better audience engagement — which, in turn, would lead to more ad revenue.

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