Earth2Tech Map: Where the Next Green Cars Will Be Born

With car companies gearing up to launch a new generation of plug-in hybrid and electric cars over the next five years, the time has come to pick sites for manufacturing the vehicles. Given that many of these factories come with promises to create hundreds or thousands of jobs in the surrounding area, stakes have been high in the competition among cities, states and countries to woo the automakers in recent months. To plot out where the next green car boom will be, we’ve put together this map — we’re at 25 sites and counting, including places that companies have named to their “short list” (yellow flags) and those announced as a final choice (green flags). Some factory plans still require additional funding to go through, so we’ve noted time lines and funding issues for the projects. And as Tesla Motors has demonstrated with its Model S factory site selection (initially in California, then New Mexico then back to Cali), these plans can change.

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