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Apple’s Cyber Monday Deals: Bummer

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Black Friday was nice, and I actually picked up a pretty good deal on a new Canon DSLR despite the fact that I live in Canada and we don’t traditionally observe the day. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to Cyber Monday, which is like Black Friday, but aimed at tech geeks and online shoppers. Maybe Apple (s aapl) would beat its own less than impressive Friday discounts.

The day is upon us, and if you’ve been to Apple’s homepage, like I have, you’re no doubt already disappointed. The sales today limit themselves to accessories only, and even those aren’t that impressive. There’s nothing even close to a real, deep discount. The good news is that everything in the Apple store ships free between now and December 23, including all small ticket items.

Apple’s Deals

As for the deals themselves, hardly any seem to have wide-appeal. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Monster Beats by Dr. Dre – Regular $299.95, on sale for $269.95. Not a bad price, and the new white ones are pretty slick.
  • mophie Juice Pack Air (Red) – Regular $79,95, on sale for $71.95. It’s only the red version, but if you’d like a bit of a discount on the black one, Amazon has it on sale for $3 off.
  • L.A.M.B. Bags – Tote was $399.95, is now $359.95. Ultraviolet 13-inch sleeve was $199.95, is now $179.95. Ultraviolet Gadget Bag was $99.95, is now $89.95. Considering these are basically uglier versions of incase products, designed by Gwen Stefani and marked up, I’d take a pass. Especially on the “Gadget Bag,” which won’t fit any actual computing device and seems to be a glorified pencil case.
  • Vestax Spin DJ – Regular $249.95, on sale for $224.95.
  • Eye-Fi 2GB Geo SD Card – Regular $59.95, on sale for $53.95. This is the one thing I’d consider buying, since Eye-Fi Geo is an exclusive Apple store product and it would go great with my new Canon. Not a great discount, but better than nothing.
  • LaCie Starck 500GB USB Drive – Regular $139.95, on sale for $125.95.
  • MoGo Talk for iPhone – Regular $129.95, on sale for $116.95.
  • Hello Kitty Air Jacket for iPhone 3GS – Regular $39.95, on sale for $35.95. The four-dollar discount was enough justification for me to pick this up as a gag gift for my girlfriend, so something good came out of this cyber monday.

Better Deals Elsewhere

If you want to do some real Apple shopping this Cyber Monday, take a look elsewhere. Mac Mall, for example, has some pretty great discounts on actual Apple computers, including 25 percent off the more expensive MacBook Air model, and 10 percent off current generation iPod touch models.

My favorite Apple-related Cyber Monday deal? Dell’s offering the Mini 10v netbook for $279, after $119 in instant savings. That’s not much to spend for what remains probably the best hackintoshable netbook out there, even despite Apple’s latest attempt foil at-home modders by removing Atom support in Snow Leopard.

5 Responses to “Apple’s Cyber Monday Deals: Bummer”

  1. “The good news is that everything in the Apple store ships free between now and December 23, including all small ticket items.”

    That must be country related…cos’ in Portugal it’s only for orders above 150€ (225$)…

  2. Joe Anonymous

    Actually, most of the prices MacMall lists on their web site are normal prices – they almost always have rebates available (just like Amazon, Club Mac, etc). The MBA discount is considerably larger than normal, though.

    • That is a good deal. I’ve got a few naked drives swapped out from old MacBooks that could benefit from that deal.

      Generally, I consider enclosures too expensive to justify the benefit of housing a small drive, but for the price of 2 Starbucks coffees, I might consider it.