Newspapers Courting Gadget Lovers? There’s An Ad For That


Is News Corp (NYSE: NWS) taking on Apple, as well as Google, as it looks to reassert the value of its newspaper content?

This brilliant pastiche iPhone commercial describes its UK tabloid The Sun in terms gadget-heads will love (check out its “26-inch panoramic matt CMYK, full-colour display”), and the homage is spot-on.

News International tells paidContentUK: “It is a genuine ad – it was running as a digital campaign to mark The Sun’s 40th anniversary. It was online only and linked back to the site.”

Whether the economics of news will allow The Sun the chutzpah to do it again in another 40… let’s wait and see…

(hat tip: Dan Thornton)


James Cridland

News International tells paidContentUK: “It was online only and linked back to the site.”

Someone had better tell the person who booked it onto the television, then. I saw it on ITV, and rewound the ad to watch the whole thing.

Dan E. Bloom

Mary Susan MacDonald in Toronto is working on a very funny and insightful cartoon
at this very moment about the future of print newspapers in this
digital age. It will appear online very very soon, and she's good,
she's very good! I will post the link as soon as I see it. You can get
an early glimpse of it here, but there's nothing to see yet:

Keith Phillips

Agreed. As a career print journalist nostalgic for the old days but also eagerly looking forward to electronic delivery of newspapers and magazines, I got a kick out of this.

Dan E. Bloom

Great advert, yes. Loved it. And it's true, the best handheld is still the daily newspaper in print edition, yes. Reminds me of that new word somebody coined in the USA last year, "snailpapers", to refer somewhat nostalgically, to those old print newspapers that still get delivered to our doorsteps in the morning with news that is, well, 12 hours old already, but so what, the handheld device called a snailpaper is worth paying for, because it's readable and page turnable. Give me my snailpaper anytime. But E-reading news devices are cool, too. May both prosper and persevere!

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