News Roundup: Star CEO Uday Shankar On Pay TV Leakages; Sainath On ‘Paid News’


While the grouse is not new, it’s not everyday that a CEO of a large network lashes out against the powerful cable operators. Star India CEO Uday Shankar, also a former journalist and editor, has lashed out against cable operators, saying their underdeclaration of revenues is crippling the Pay TV business. Shankar said cable operators were underdeclaring revenues by as much as 90%.



I second Hari. Krishna Kumar and others – pls take your agenda to Orkut or somewhere else. Uday Shankar must be super perplexed that you folks dont even understand what he's talking about.

Pls stop hijacking the primary topic – the very interesting evolution of the distribution networks in india and the associated economics!

Krishna Kumar

Thanks deepa. The Hindu readership is mostly devout Hindus. They do not expect The Hindu to support BJP or RSS or to whitewash the violent antics of the anti-social elements of Sangh Parivar. But they expect The Hindu to uphold the rather old-fashioned ethical values of Journalism (like NYT for eg). Unfortunately the current owners are relentlessly pursuing its Muslim-CPM-China centred editorial policy, contemptuously disregarding the opinion of its readers whose families have been loyal readers of the Paper for generations.


I second Krishna Kumar – the Hindu stand on muslim & even christian issues is not pro-minority, but anti-majority! they are two very different issues! But then again, when the editor N. Ram has married twice – first a christian and then a Muslim woman, the bed room has a great influence on the newsroom. Sorry if this sounds un-pleasant, but it is so true! Ram's wiki claims he is an aethiest – by definition, that means no belief in God. It does not mean – favouring one definition of God over another ( after all, that is what religion is… a narrow definition of God)
I admire Sainath – it would do him well to ensure he takes a holistic view of any situation to protect his own equity!


I think we have gone off on a tangent. The primary argument is about content distribution costs and allocations of revenues from that.

This is completely separate from the issue of paid/tainted news coverage!


this is the exact reason why MediaNet, the BCCL biz for paid content, is actually the most transparent model! they keep paid content out of the main editions, and they account for when content is paid for. regional papers just take black money and pretend it doesn't exist.

Krishna Kumar

Thank you dough. The Hindu's stand on the issue is similar to Vasavadatha's Sermon on Chastity.

Krishna Kumar

Yes. Marathi news papers have been unethical. But what about The Hindu? Does the one-sided propaganda provided by The Hindu for Muslim Fundamentalists, the CPM and for China is also Paid News?

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