The Ten Cent, High-Definition Tour of my Office


[wpvideo hZmJIQ0v w=560]

I previously mentioned the super, pre-holiday deal on the Panasonic (s pc) high-definition camcorder, but a deal is only good if the product works well. So this afternoon, I got some playtime with the HDC-SD10 and recorded a short video of my office area. My workspace is quite the mess and I wasn’t even planning to share the video, but I was so impressed with the 1920 x 1080 output, that I decided to upload it. I still have to get a handle on the various buttons and features, but overall, this is a solid camcorder for the $299 I paid.

I originally thought I’d have to upgrade my iMovie 08 to the current edition, but it turns out that the older application imports the AVCHD file format. Perhaps iMovie 09 offers support for direct recording from camera to Mac, but that’s not a feature I really need, so I’ll stick with the software I have.

Obviously, the video that you’re able to view is compressed and resized down from 1920 x 1080, so you’re not getting a true view of what I can see. But the quality from where I sit is quite good, especially for the price. And with the small size and weight of the HDC-SD10, I suspect this little device just made the cut for January’s Consumer Electronics Show.



Where did you find this camera for $300? I’ve been thinking about purchasing one but have not seen that good of a price.


I’m looking into repacing my old Sony DV. I will be keeping a eye on your comments regarding this recorder. The price is good, and the size seeems to be nice as well.


Any chance you can upload a 1080p copy to YouTube and provide a link. That way I can easily download HD content with FF plugin. Looks very good with the WordPress Flash Viewer.


What was the file extension on the SD card and also what did you use to re-encode to the 1920×1080….i’m ready to buy from Amazon or B&H Photo $299.


Kevin C. Tofel

I’m fairly sure it was saved as an .mts file. I just connected the camera to my Mac and it appears in iMovie 08 as a camera I can import from. No need for me to worry about the file format for importing and re-encoding.

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