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Novelist and the Netbook

I have long been an advocate of using the right tool for the job, and the premise that often the right tool is not always the one you think it is. The right tool can often be the lowly netbook, if the particular needs can be met with the right one. Novelist David Hewson, someone I started following years ago as he is one who embraces technology for his writing, (rather than one who runs screaming from it) is one who isn’t afraid to change his work methods when appropriate.

David is the author of the great Nic Costa series of novels, and he does a great job chronicling his work experience on his blog. He recently shared a new tool that he has incorporated in his mobile work style, and it is no surprise to me it is a netbook.

David explains how he has been using the Mac for his writing work for a long time, but that he has no allegiance to Apple even so. He needed a mobile computer that met a few simple needs, and he found those met with the ASUS 1005HA. Why the ASUS? The 8-hour battery life was a good start, and it runs the software tools he needs: web browser and Evernote.

Have a look at David’s post as he gives a good view of the thought process behind his choice. He is technically savvy, even though he claims he is not a geek; he even installed Jollicloud on the ASUS. He also explains why it didn’t meet his needs, so he’s sticking with Windows 7.

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  1. Just this week I was approached by a guy working at a Sony kiosk in the mall, hawking the Sony eBook. The mall was very busy but the Sony eBook salesman was not. He was working desperately to drum up interest in his product but I wasn’t much help. I told him that I knew what his product was but I really did not need or want it as I already had laptop, netbook, iPod Touch and MyTouch 3G and had all the readers I could handle. Since he had no customers I must conclude that I am not alone in my thinking.