Nokia Exec Says Transformation Could Include Handset Business Sale

Ovi Store

In what sounds like a very candid portrayal of Nokia’s business, the company’s marketing head Anssi Vanjoki told a German magazine that they need to speed up its offering of mobile internet services, which today falls under the heading of Ovi. To do so, he added that he could not rule out a sale of its core handset manufacturing business in the long term, Reuters reports.

A full article will be published on Monday, but an excerpt of the interview with Vanjoki ran in advance by Wirtschaftswoche, a weekly. He told the magazine that Nokia’s mobile-device factories offered an important competitive advantage to the company, but one should “never say never” — a sale at some point may become part of Nokia’s transformation.

Over the past two years, the company has beefed up its internet services, by acquiring mapping company Navteq and other companies as well. However, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has chosen to shut down a couple of its divisions, Ovi Share, its photo-sharing web site, and N-Gage, its gaming business. Going forward, most of its emphasis is on the Ovi store, which distributes applications much like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, however, it has failed to gain much traction early on.


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